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Web Design

Web Site Considerations

You have a few options to consider when you are looking to set up your new website.  Cost will vary depending on whether you wish to do all of this yourself or let us handle all the details.  Here is what you will need.


Website domain

Choose a name that describes your business for example:   You can do this ahead of time or we can register for you. Choose a suitable name, plus a couple of options, and we will determine what is available for you.


There are many web hosts available out there.  You should so some research, google can help here. Prices vary widely starting at free.  You do get what you pay for.  What you want is reliablility (site always available), security (up to date servers), adequate space (bandwidth, website, email), freedom (to use scripting, databases or whatever your site requires) and most importantly service (fixing problems quickly and contact with a real person).

The big name, heavily advertised companies are not always or often the best choice.  Some fail miserably with tech support, some constantly bombard you with special offers (sorry GoDaddy), some offer lots but deliver little in comparison.  Free usually comes with a price which is their advertising on your site, not professional at all and you do want to look professional.

Wet-Coast offers hosting and handles all the details or you can specify which hosting you would prefer to use. Regardless of which you choose your site is always yours and easily transferred to any other hosting.  You are in control.

Web Design

From our experience most clients desire a simple website that conveys their business image with little work on their part.  Some initially wish to be able to make their own changes. Most are looking for lower cost.  We can accommodate all of these.  Fortunately there are a variety of excellent cms (content management systems) available.  Many are free to use and require only initial setup and addition of your content and images.

One of these is WordPress.  We will start with WordPress as a basic site then customize it with a theme tailored to your business.  Options are unlimited and include photo galleries, eCommerce, maps, social media and just about anything your site requires.

Our prime considerations are:

  • Responsive Design (display correctly on tablets and smart phones as well as full computers)
  • Search Engine Optimization (Show your site at the top of results when people search for your service)
  • Ease of use for visitors
  • Functional
  • Advertising your site (such as Google adwords)
Cost will vary depending upon your needs and requirements.



It is your choice whether you wish to handle all the details or have Wet-Coast keep things current and running for you.


Wet-Coast … We handle it all for you including:

  • registering and setting up your domain
  • designing and installing your website
  • optimizing for search engines
  • keeping your site fresh with your new input
  • handling regular maintainance
  • all the behind the scenes details

If you prefer, we can design your web-site and you can take over from there or we can just host the site that you build. Give us a call, we will find a solution to your web needs that works best for you.

Domain name management

Do you have a domain name that you would like to own? We can register and help you manage your domain name. You will still own and control the registration,  we provide the assistance and advice.
Or, you can do it yourself with our recommended domain registrar: NamesPro a local Vancouver company – Register your domains for $12.88 CDN.    CIRA certified.  Vancouver based company.

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